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Desktop/Wallpaper Sites

The DeskStop
Iconfactory's Desktops (The DeskStop)
The DeskStop has been incorporated into the IconFactory as of August 1, 2006. Find classic as well as new DeskStop desktops and patterns at IF's new Desktop section.
Pixelgirl Presents
Pixelgirl Presents
Collection of some of the best deskops, wallpapers and icons on the web.
Japanese style wallpapers and desktops
chilly day
Desktops, photos and icons with a natural theme.

Icon Sites

The IconFactory
The Iconfactory
A great source for beautifully designed icons for both Mac and Windows
chilly day
Nature-themed icons for Mac OS 9 and X
I Heart NY
Icons for Macintosh and Widows XP

Fun Stuff

City Creator
City Creator
Create your own pixel city, save and share with friends.
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