Michele Tokuno is a website developer and designer. She is currently offering her services as a graphic artist and website updater. If you are looking for these services, please contact her by email or fill out this handy form on the Contact page.


Ms. Tokuno was previously a partner of Hawaii Internet Emporium, Inc., a website development company based in Honolulu, Hawaii. (Hawaii Internet Emporium, Inc. is the predecessor of eBizHawaii.com, Inc.) Together with founder and president Pete Martinez, they were responsible for the first website presence of many local companies.

Her duties included designing and developing websites that best served their client's needs, then maintaining and updating the site to keep it current. Also, to help promote the internet during the mid to late 1990's, she lectured as a guest speaker at some of the website development and marketing classes taught by Pete Martinez at Hawaii Pacific University.

Her early website designs grew out of her skills as a graphic artist. Before the Internet was opened to the general public in 1994, she was a freelance graphic artist, specializing in designing newsletters and advertisements for various clients. It was through this work that she met Pete Martinez, who was at that time the owner of Desktop Publishing and Printing. When the local print market became soft during the mid-90's, she was encouraged to learn how to create websites. She taught herself how to code webpages by hand and eventually became adapt at creating sites that were both graphically appealing and loaded quickly on a client's computer.

Now coming full-circle, she is currently providing freelance work as an independent website designer and graphic artist. She will bring skills and special knowledge of the Internet to any project that comes her way, and will do her best to use those skills to best serve a website's needs.


Listed below are current skill sets and knowledge as applied towards the Internet and Web

Programming and Software:




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